Environmental Permitting and Planning

Crestwood Environmental Ltd operates nationally, and provides a comprehensive cost effective service, having the experience to apply for and manage your planning and permitting requirements. This includes the initial pre-application

Bioaerosol Services

Crestwood Environmental provides a full range of bioaerosol exposure monitoring and risk assessment services, such as monitoring ambient air for bioaerosols and aspergillus fumigatus to improve the safety of environments.


Statutory authorities have a duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to investigate cases where odour is causing a statutory nuisance. Crestwood Environmental is a market leader in Odour control

Ecology Assessment and Reports

Crestwood has extensive experience undertaking report writing and assessments for a range of sites, planning applications and governing bodies, including, but not limited to: a) Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIAs); b)

Other Surveys / Site Work

Crestwood can undertake a range of other surveys and site work, including, but not limited to: a) National Vegetation Classification (NVC); b) Hedgerow Surveys; c) Invasive Floral Species Surveys d)

Hazel Dormouse

Our suitably experienced and licensed ecologists are able to undertake: a) Habitat Suitability Assessment; and b) Presence / Likely Absence Surveys. a) Habitat Suitability Assessment A visual assessment to determine

Otter and Water Vole Surveys

Crestwood has experience in conducting surveys along watercourses including main rivers, brooks, ditches and ponds to determine the presence of otter and / or water vole on a site. Otter

Bird Surveys

Our surveys include: a) Breeding Bird Survey; b) Wintering Bird Survey; c) Nesting Bird Check; and d) Barn Owl Surveys. a) Breeding Bird Survey One survey visit per month between

Badger Surveys

Crestwood has a team of experienced and qualified ecologists who can undertake all aspects of badger surveys, mitigation and licensing. Our surveys include: Site Assessment for Badgers; Badger Sett Monitoring;

Quarry Perimeter Safety Checks

The school summer holidays come with the prospect of children being attracted to the adventure, the water, and the danger of quarries. As an experienced company working in the minerals and
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