Crestwood Environmental has experience in assessing the often complex hydrogeological impacts and risks associated with a range of developments, from quarry sites to non-hazardous and hazardous landfills.

Working in accordance with Environment Agency guidance, we can carry out assessments such as a Hydrogeological Impact Assessment for new or extending quarries.

At Crestwood Environmental we also have significant experience in working with clients in the Waste Management industry, helping them to achieve compliance with their Environmental Permits. This includes carrying out Hydrogeological Risk Assessment for inert landfills, or reviewing the Hydrogeological Risk Assessment for existing non-hazardous waste landfills every six years until surrender.

Groundwater systems are complex, and we are able to carry out qualitative assessments and quantitative modelling for contaminant transport situations.

Hydrogeological Services

  • Hydrogeological Impact Assessment
  • Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
  • Dewatering Assessments
  • Borehole Design and Installation (CQA)
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting


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