Bioaerosol Services

Crestwood Environmental provides a full range of bioaerosol monitoring and risk assessment services. Typically, Regulatory Authorities such as the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales require sites with Environmental Permits that authorise the receipt and treatment of organic wastes within 250 metres of a sensitive receptor (e.g. housing or other businesses) to carry out boundary bioaerosol monitoring, usually on a six monthly or quarterly basis.

We are also able to arrange bioaerosol monitoring of stacks and open biofilters at waste treatment plants. Samples are sent to our in-house laboratory for prompt analysis and reporting. We ensure that our bioaerosol monitoring is undertaken in full accordance with the requirements of the site’s Environmental Permit and Technical Guidance Note M9: environmental monitoring of bioaerosols at regulated facilities.

We also undertake personnel bioaerosol monitoring, which enables operators to determine the levels of exposure and risk to their employees and sub-contractors to potentially harmful bacteria and fungi arising from the handling and treatment of organic wastes and materials. Personnel monitoring also helps operators to make informed decisions on PPE requirements for their staff and site visitors.