Laboratory Services

Crestwood Environmental has provided niche environmental laboratory analysis services for a number of years, developing techniques with local universities, and
continues to expand its services, through inhouse capabilities (at its own laboratory) and via professional associates at NatureMetrics.

Services available relate to microbiology, dust, water and waste water analyses and biological treatment trial analyses.

NatureMetrics deliver expert qPCR eDNA and Metabarcoding molecular ecology services for a variety of species using biological, soil and water samples.


» Bioaerosol sample analysis:
– Total Mesophilic bacteria
– Gram negative bacteria
– Aspergillus fumigatus
» Water chemical analyses
» eDNA & Metabarcoding (ecology)

» Characterisation:
– Industrial wastewater
– Leachate
» Gravimetric dust analysis
» Elemental & Chemical Analysis
» Microscopy

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