Phase 1 Contaminated Land Reports

Crestwood Environmental Ltd. has a highly experienced team of environmental professionals who have a proven track record in being able to deliver Phase 1 Environmental Assessments / Contaminated Land Reports.

We carry out desk-based reviews of sites in order to provide a summary of the geo-environmental condition of the Site.

Crestwood operate a nationally cost-effective service and are usually able to provide Phase 1 reports within 10 working days from instruction.


  • To determine the likelihood of contamination and risks to human health and controlled waters;
  • Identify potential liabilities to site owners / prospective site owners;
  • Make recommendations for further work, as required.
  • We will always attempt to rule out any further actions wherever possible.


  • An accurate site boundary plan can be provided
  • All known site history information will be provided, along with a selection of photographs when available
  • A site walkover is included as standard

What the report will contain

A review of published geological, hydrological, hydrogeological and environmental site setting, historical land uses, nearby pollution incidents, industrial facilities or relevant activities, amongst others.

Production of a Conceptual Site Model, considering the linkage between Source(s), Pathway(s) and Receptor(s).

For risk to be present, there must be a viable link. For example, if a source and receptor are present but there is no pathway, then the risk can be contained—although further work may be recommended as there is no guarantee that a pathway will not form in the future.

All reports are carried out using Environment Agency best practice, CLR11.

Why do I need a Phase 1 Report?

You may require a Phase 1 report for several reasons. These requirements could come from the following sources, although there are other causes:

  • A requirement of your Planning Conditions;
  • As part of the divestment or sale of land;
  • For due diligence purposes;
  • For insurance reasons;
  • To assess the risk to a business.

But I know that my site is clean…

Many sites have a long and complex history, and contaminants can remain persistent in the ground for a long time. Simply knowing that your site has been ‘clean’ during your lifetime may not mean it is completely free of liabilities.

We will carry out a full review of available historical mapping, reviewing the history of the Site and assessing its potential risk. If the risk is low then we may recommend little follow-up action, whilst if there is a credible risk of contamination we may recommend a site investigation or other actions.


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