Landscape Assessment

The key services that we provide are:

• Feasibility Assessments
• Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
• Lighting Assessments
• Zones of Theoretical Visibility: ZTV (ZVI)
• Photomontages
• Augmented Reality

Feasibility Assessments

Feasibility Assessments are undertaken on a wide variety of projects and sectors, where our clients require us to identify the risk that landscape and visual issues may present to obtaining a planning consent. Desktop outline feasibility is a cost effective way to identify potential ‘show-stoppers’, whilst larger complex projects can often benefit from a more detailed assessment that may include a site visit.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA)

All of our work complies with the latest best practice guidance.  Our LVIA inputs range from smaller non-EIA developments, where a landscape and visual appraisal statement may be sufficient, to EIA chapters for large, complex schemes.

Landscape Directors at Crestwood have also contributed to the technical review of key best practice publications by SNH and the Landscape Institute.  In addition, we are often asked by clients to appear at community consultation events for projects.

Typical content of LVIA include landscape character assessment, visual assessment from routes e.g. roads and public rights of way, residential visual amenity assessment and cumulative assessment.


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