Landscape Assessment Services

We offer a range of services for evaluation & assessment of landscape and visual aspects on developments across multiple sectors, carried out by our experienced in-house chartered landscape professionals with expert witness capabilities.

The key services that we provide are:

  • Development Feasibility Assessments (landscape and visual aspects)
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA / LVA)
  • Nightscape Assessments
  • Visualisation

Development Feasibility Assessments (landscape and visual aspects)

It is important to predetermine your plan’s or project’s potential for success through conducting a feasibility assessment, identifying key landscape and visual constraints.

These are undertaken by Crestwood on a wide variety of projects and sectors, where, for example, a planning consent or adoption in the Local Plan may be the target.

Desktop outline feasibility (including visibility assessment) is a cost-effective way to identify potential opportunities and constraints, whilst larger complex projects can often benefit from a more detailed assessment that may include on-site analyses and photographic evidence.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA / LVA)

Our LVIA inputs range from smaller non-EIA developments, where a landscape and visual appraisal (LVA) may suffice, through to extensive Environmental Statement chapters (EIA) for large, complex schemes, which may involve green belt assessment (landscape aspects), nightscape assessment, tranquillity assessment, Residential Visual Amenity Assessment (RVAA) and cumulative landscape and visual assessment, all supported by visualisations (e.g. verified photomontage), as required.

The LVIA process involves providing early feedback into the project’s design, helping to maximise the project’s chances of success.

As a Registered Practice of the Landscape Institute all our work complies with the industry’s latest professional best practice guidance and is undertaken by experienced chartered landscape architects.

Crestwood’s landscape directors have also led and contributed to the production of technical guidance for the Landscape Institute.  In addition, we are often asked by clients to appear at community consultation events for projects and provide Expert Witness input into schemes.

Nightscape Assessments

Whilst LVIAs often focus on day-time effects, the effects on a locality’s nightscape is becoming an increasingly recognised aspect. Crestwood has led the production of technical guidance in this area and undertakes nightscape assessments, often in combination with lighting professionals and ecology professionals to provide an integrated approach with combined solutions.


Crestwood produces a variety of visual outputs to support the LVIA / LVA reports, helping to demonstrate the landscape context and the effectiveness of the design and mitigation employed, helping to illustrate the overall landscape and visual effects. The use of GIS, CAD and specialist visualisation software is used, proportionately to the importance and nature of the effect, using verified photomontage, 3D visualisations and augmented reality, as appropriate.


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