Odour and Air Dispersion

Air dispersion computer modelling is often required as part of an Environmental Permit Application following the H1 screening or as part of a planning application. The modelling involves a mathematical simulation of how air pollutants would disperse based on hourly weather data. Air pollutants and odorous emissions can have an impact on health, ecological receptors and quality of life of sensitive receptors and therefore it is crucial to understand potential effects of these pollutants before the design of the development is frozen.

Crestwood Environmental can provide a range of modelling options including ADMS 5.1 for air pollutants, odours and ADMS roads. We have experience in a wide range of industries including farming, anaerobic digestion, composting sites and other sites with combustion processes.

We provide air dispersion modelling on development projects in isolation or together with a range of our other in-house environmental services. By providing multiple environmental disciplines coordinated by a single Crestwood project manager, our clients benefit from a better integrated development, with a higher chance of achieving planning consent. Our approach is focused on identifying and resolving potential environmental issues at an early stage, saving clients time and money.