Presentation Quality Graphics

The Company’s expertise and graphics ability coupled with the software we use ensures a high standard of presentation (for use in-house, in official submissions, presentation of designs or in public presentations etc.) in a very cost-effective manner.

Our use of AutoCAD, associated modelling and other graphics software allows us to provide Clients with geo-referenced 3D digital versions (DXFs etc.) of the design work relating to their projects for use by other consultants, surveyors etc. and to also provide presentation drawings in a digital format (PDF, PowerPoint etc.).

The software we use allows us to amend AutoCAD drawings and add map data, aerial photographs etc. and update presentation drawings quickly and easily. The graphics style can be adjusted to suit the Client’s requirements (e.g. sketchy or precise) whilst maintaining an accurate AutoCAD base drawing.

We can also carry out design and analysis work to support opportunities and constraints plans.