Quarry Perimeter Safety Checks

The school summer holidays come with the prospect of children being attracted to the adventure, the water, and the danger of quarries.

As an experienced company working in the minerals and waste industries for over 2 decades, Crestwood understands the ever increasing operational pressures on responsible site managers. The added prospect of the public illegally entering your sites is daunting. Boundary inspections can be time-consuming and difficult for site staff to factor in to the competing demands posed by dynamic minerals and waste sites.

Crestwood is able to offer an efficient, bespoke and comprehensive site perimeter check service, undertaken by reliable, knowledgeable and pro-active staff  (CSCS card holders) to help you demonstrate compliance with associated legal obligations, particularly the Quarry Regulations 1999, alongside published HSE and MPA guidance, and more importantly to keep your sites adequately secured.

Our checks

Our checks record the sufficiency and integrity of boundaries (fences, gates etc.), life-saving equipment, warning signs and repairs made. At no extra cost, we can be vigilant and confidentially report back on other aspects that might otherwise creep ‘under the radar’ – aspects such as ground instability, boundary encroachment, fly-tipping, trespass, nuisance, presence of protected and invasive species and anti-social activity. Our service can encompass all or some of the following to suit your needs:

  • Full compliance with your company-specific site rules and PPE requirements.
  • An initial appraisal and dynamic risk assessment for frequency of checks.
  • Ability of site managers to check the location of the person completing the checks on-site, using real-time GPS positioning*.
  • A GPS-recorded route* of the check made together with accurately geo-positioned photos and target notes*, using a traffic light system to help communicate findings.
  • A digital movie file of the full route taken using a high definition body cam.
  • Immediate written feedback provide prior to leaving the site, to confirm presence or absence of urgent issues.
  • Rapid provision of all notes and data in a concise, easy-to-reference format.
  • Optional off-site retention of the records for your access.
  • Relaying of actions (and target locations) to your preferred contractors or estates team, either on a pre-authorised or other basis.