Archaeology and Heritage

Archaeology And Heritage Consultancy Services

Crestwood Environmental provides archaeology and heritage consultancy services for a host of developments ranging from large scale (e.g. residential, minerals or infrastructure) to small scale (e.g. private householder projects) around the UK, with international and Expert Witness level knowledge.

Whilst our work is always undertaken in accordance with best practice guidance, our extensive experience allows us to balance the commercial needs of our clients with ensuring all heritage requirements are met.

Our Archaeology and Heritage Consultants offer a full suite of services and always guide clients through the various heritage-related consenting and legal requirements, whatever the stage of the project, from initial advice, to planning-related assessments, mitigation, investigation, recording and monitoring, and completion of required consent applications.

Archaeology Surveys:

» Archaeological Written Schemes of Investigation (WSI)
» Archaeological Watching Brief (controlled soil strips)
» Geomatics
» Geophysical Surveys
» Archaeological Aerial Surveys
» Metal-detector Surveys
» Archaeological Field Walking Surveys
» Archaeology Trial Trench Evaluation Services
» Open Area (Archaeology) Excavation Services

Assessment & Analysis:

» Risk Appraisal
» Archaeological Clerk of Works
» Archaeological Desk-Based Assessments (DBA)
» Heritage Management Plans
» Heritage Setting Assessments
» Heritage Statements
» Historic Character Appraisals
» Heritage ES Chapters
» Archaeology EIA Services
» Archaeology Report for Planning Applications
» Cultural Heritage Desk-Based Assessment

Heritage Consent Applications:

» Scheduled Monument Consent Applications
» Listed Building Consent Applications
» Conservation Area Consent Applications
» Conservation Management Plans

Specialist Analysis:

» Geoarchaeology Analysis
» Palaeoarchaeology Analysis
» Environmental Archaeology Analysis
» Forensic Archaeology Analysis
» Osteoarchaeology Analysis
» Archaeological Finds Analysis
» Archaeological Finds Reporting

Built Heritage:

» Historic Building Recording (Levels 1-4)
» Scheduled Monument Consents
» Conservation Management Plans
» Visitor Interpretation Services

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