Arboriculture and Forestry

Arboriculture Consultancy

Crestwood provides arboricultural consultancy expertise to a variety of clients using professional arboriculturists.

Arboricultural work for developers is undertaken primarily following the requirements of BS5837, to assist clients with design constraints and solutions.

Tree hazard risk assessments are also undertaken for landowners and managers, including local authorities, communicated in innovative 3D ways.

BS5837 Trees & Development Surveys:

» Arboricultural Impact Assessments
» Tree Constraints / Protection Plans
» Arboricultural Method Statements
» Arboricultural Works Supervision
» Soil shrink / swell assessment

Other Tree Surveys:

» Tree Condition Hazard Surveys
» Visual Tree Health Inspection
» Pests and Disease Survey
» Veteran Tree Surveys
» Tree Root Radar and Identification
» Capital Asset Valuations (CAVAT)


» Felling Licences
» Tree works consents:
– TPOs
– Conservation Areas

Huge tree with many low branches

Forest & Woodland Consultancy

Forestry and woodland design, creation and management draws on multidisciplinary skills available to the Company to produce schemes which take full consideration of soil, ecology, landscape, forestry, water, heritage and other important aspects to help maximise the potential value of the land in monetary, ecosystems services and natural capital terms.

Our experience stems from designing woodland and forestry schemes, producing management plans and undertaking grant applications and EIA Screening and Scoping submissions in England, Scotland and Wales. Expertise is also held in relation to compliance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification criteria, for the UK and abroad.


» Ancient & Other Woodland
» Ash Dieback
» Woodland Evaluation

Design and Assessment:

» Site Suitability Assessment
» Visualisation of forested landscapes
» EIA Screening & Scoping submissions
» Forestry and Woodland design
– Community Woodland
– Urban Forestry
– Restoration of despoiled land
– SRC Willow Energy Crops

Management and Grants:

» Woodland creation specifications
» Woodland Management Plans
» Woodland Grant applications
» Carbon Fund advice
» Countryside Stewardship applications
» Invasive species management advice
» Fire Management Plans
» Timber harvest contract supervision

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