Quarry and Landfill Restoration and Aftercare

Landscape Restoration Plans

The Company is steeped in history within the minerals and waste sectors going back nearly 30 years, with extensive experience of producing outline and detailed landscape restoration plans and aftercare schemes for hundreds of landfill, hard rock quarries, sand pits and clay sites – around the UK and Ireland.

Karl Jones (Managing Director) has first-hand experience of restoring minerals and waste sites (having previously worked as Restoration Manager for Greenways, Hanson and Waste Recycling Group), establishing budgets, specifying and tendering groundworks, planting and landscape aftercare maintenance, and managing implementation and maintenance contracts.

All our restoration designs and landscaping proposals are based on solid baseline work relating to geological, soil, ecology, water management, heritage and landscape assessment work, providing a sustainable and integrated multidisciplinary approach to create practical multifunctional landscape restoration schemes, be that for quarry restoration or landfill restoration.

3D software is used to ensure accurate soil/mineral/waste volume calculations, slope gradient design, settlement calculations, cross sections and 3D visualisations – all allowing data to be exchanged with clients for verification and for accurate setting-out purposes on site.

This digital geo-locationally accurate basis, together with ‘free hand’ graphic styling provides an attractive landscape restoration presentation without compromising precision.

The team has also attended and presented at numerous stakeholder liaison meetings and public consultations, as well as acted as Expert Witness at Public Inquiry on landscape, visual and restoration matters.

3D designs can be produced on a phase-by-phase basis and presented as 3D animated visualisations – such as this:


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