Heritage Assessments and Consent Applications

At Crestwood Environmental we are able to help you with Heritage Assessments and Consent Applications, these assessments are in place to outline the historic or archaeological significance of a building or landscape within its wider setting. Below you will find information on the process, from the initial heritage enquiry to environmental consent regimes.

Initial enquiries

Planning policy recommends the identification of heritage issues before planning permission is granted. Assessments and initial investigations may be needed to fulfil such requirements. This may form part of an integrated and coordinated assessment tailored for each project including ecological impact assessments and landscape assessments. All of these services are available within our in-house team of specialists.

Detailed assessments

Alternatively, the identification of heritage issues may be recommended by the Local Authority and be required as part of conditions attached to planning permission. In such a case, more detailed  assessments are recommended. At Crestwood Environmental we can integrate various aspects of more detailed heritage surveys and assessments to ensure the results are delivered as an integrated approach to ensure the project is timely and cost-effective.

Heritage Consent regimes

Beyond planning regulations, legal requirements may also need to be addressed. At Crestwood Environmental we can steer our clients through various heritage consent regimes. In-house advice on adhering to legislation for heritage matters is part of a suite of services. Our environmental management services can also assist in cases where the legal protection of species needs to be considered and where heritage and ecology are impacted as a result of accidental damage, our multidisciplinary team can assist with your Heritage EIA. It is also worth remembering that Scheduled Monument Consent may be required even for those works that do not require planning permission.

Whatever the stage of the project, we offer timely and appropriate advice to ensure the successful completion of works. We offer:

Heritage Services Related Interdisciplinary Services
Screening and Scoping for built and buried heritage. Risk scoping of potentially related environmental aspects.
Heritage Desk-based Assessments
Heritage EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
An internally consistent report with a multi-disciplinary approach to each environmental element included at this early stage in a project life cycle.
Pre-acquisition enquiries Additional services can be incorporated for a complete environmental overview.
Front-loading advice and risk assessments Consideration of secondary risks due to heritage requirements.
Gaining consents, mitigation negotiation and design modifications Co-ordinated approach between historic and natural environment aspects.
Fulfilling heritage consent requirements


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