Environmental Assessment

Interdisciplinary working

The Company has many years of experience of dealing with complex projects with the potential to create significant environmental effects on a wide variety of

We are set-up to work with your project team on individual or the full range of aspects, and with others or ourselves leading the EIA or SEA co-ordination.

We can assist or undertake the Screening and Scoping Opinion requests, produce the technical assessments, ES chapter, accompanying figures and NTS, or provide the information you need in an efficient and well-considered way.

Our extensive minerals and waste planning and design expertise allows us to provide value-added environmental planning and design expertise to your projects, either as a critical friend or as the lead party.

Experience is held in many sectors including minerals, waste, residential, forestry, energy, commercial, industrial and highways, to Public Inquiry, LDO and
Judicial Review stages.

Key areas of EIA / SEA:

» Screening, Scoping, NTS, ES
» Landscape / Visual (LVIA, RVAA, LCA)
» Ecology (EcIA, HRA)
» Environmental & Social (ESIA)
» Heritage & Archaeology
» Hydrogeology & Surface Water

» Noise
» Air Quality
» Lighting
» Trees
» Ecosystems Services / Natural Capita
» Waste
» Sustainability

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