Air Quality Survey and Monitoring

Crestwood Environmental can cover all aspects of air quality from pre-planning, detailed design to post-planning and integrate these with other considerations such as environmental permitting and interdisciplinary assessment.

Our integrated air quality service allows us to establish baseline air quality and future effects on air quality, to specify and evaluate appropriate mitigation controls, and to measure and manage air quality to meet target requirements.

We adopt a proportional and pragmatic approach to assessment by proactively engaging in communication and consultation to ensure the scope of work comprises all the necessary elements to allow regulators to reach robust decisions.

Where required, the assessment process can be undertaken in parallel with our air quality modelling and monitoring services to provide a cohesive and comprehensive assessment and solution.

Our work extends to dust, bioaerosols and odour allowing us to provide services relating to a variety of circumstances.

Services Overview:

» Air Quality Screening Assessment
» ADMS Air Dispersion Modelling
» Chimney Height Calculations
» Air Quality Assessment
» Expert Witness work
» Bioaerosol Risk Assessment
» Odour Assessment
» Dust Management Plans
» Assessment of effects on habitats
» See Environmental Monitoring also


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