Crestwood Environmental Mission, Purpose, Vision and Values

Crestwood Environmental’s Mission is to provide a variety of effective professional environmental and design expert services to developers, property managers, business operators, planners, policy makers and others who must or want to meet or exceed relevant environmental and safety standards, expectations or targets.

The Company’s Purpose is to contribute to the improvement in quality of all components of our natural and man-made environments, at all scales and to do this in innovative and creative ways that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs and that are safe and sustainable to everyone and everything it affects; such that economic progress in the world does not come at the expense of safe and healthy people or places.

The Company’s Vision is to become a distinguished international multidisciplinary consultancy providing diligent, influential and valued expertise on all environmental and related components to plan, design, create and maintain safe, healthy, functional and sustainable places.

The Company’s Core Values:

The Company and its employees shall always:

  • Prioritise health and safety – Centrally in all our decision-making and activities; never being complacent and always looking out for each other’s welfare – everyone’s wellbeing is of paramount importance.
  • Be kind – Showing tolerance, goodwill and courtesy, and always considering the impact of personal actions on others.
  • Show respect – Never discriminating against differences in race, ethnic origin, age, sex or religious or political beliefs.
  • Work constructively – Demonstrating a positive teamwork approach to achieving more together.
  • Exceed client expectations – Showing creativity, willingness, flexibility, focus, pragmatic commitment and added value tailored to clients’ needs, goals and common values.
  • Aim increasingly higher – Taking pride in doing a great job and striving to improve. We won’t stand still; We will constantly innovate and evolve, moving forwards and upwards, building on new learnings, experiences and feedback.
  • Maximise quality – Meeting and maintaining a consistently high standard of performance.
  • Show fidelity – Being loyal to clients, the Company and our professions, whilst respecting privacy and confidentiality.
  • Be environmentally conscious – Always considering the impact of our actions on the environment by seeking to apply sustainable thinking wherever practical to do so.
  • Be accountable – Taking personal ownership and responsibility at all levels.
  • Act professionally and ethically – Acting with diligence, integrity, modesty and humility. Being honest, sincere, discreet and fair. Adhering to ethical practices and professional codes of practice and exercising sound professional judgement and common sense.
  • Be trustworthy – By reliably doing what we say we will do. Become a trusted advisor to clients.
  • Embrace diversity – Seeking input from a variety of perspectives, knowledge and experiences.
  • Show leadership – At all levels: leading by example, helping others and always reflecting the Company’s Core Values to one another.