Hydrology, Flood Risk and Drainage


Crestwood Environmental can provide hydrology services in surface water management, flood risk assessment, water resources management, hydrogeology, monitoring and much more.

Crestwood offers all of our hydrological services in line with industry best practice. Projects where we have provided hydrological input range from single residential developments all the way up to large, long-term quarry and landfill developments.


Flooding, in the right place, is a natural process which happens every year and is a natural part of the water cycle. In the wrong place, flooding causes extensive financial loss, damage to life and property and misery to people. It is for those reasons that flood risk assessment is more important than ever, as the UK tackles the challenges of an ever-growing population, pressures on land and the need to develop land for residential, commercial and industrial use.


Local Authorities frequently request Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SuDS) for new developments, to ensure that developers are managing surface water in the best possible manner. A detailed surface water drainage design may also be required, depending on the authority and the scale of the development.

Crestwood Environmental can provide SuDS reports which are compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and which help to identify appropriate surface water management options for your site.

Our SuDS reports can also be combined with our Flood Risk Assessments to provide a complete surface water management and drainage solution for your development.


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