Geospatial Data Visualisation

Crestwood Environmental utilises a range of software to achieve a variety of Geospatial Data outputs, including those related to:

Presentation Quality Graphics:

•    Planning and Development Plans
•    Landscape Masterplans and Detailing
•    Interpretative material and flyers
•    Public Consultation boards

Design and Analysis:

•    2D and 3D CAD
•    Visibility Assessment (ZTV, ZVI)
•    Digital terrain modelling and volume calculations
•    Isopachyte, Slope, and Elevation Analyses
•    Landfill settlement calculations
•    Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

3D Visualisation:

•    Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs)
•    Wind farm Visualisation
•    Verified Photomontages
•    Photorealistic still images
•    Artistic impressions
•    Animated fly and walk-throughs

Augmented Reality (AR):

•    Plan based and Site based
•    Communicating environmental information
•    Communicating design options
•    Communicating visual effects of developments
•    Communicating lost heritage features
•    Creating interactive interpretative material

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