Badger Surveys

Crestwood has a team of experienced and qualified ecologists who can undertake all aspects of badger sett surveys, mitigation and licensing.

Our surveys include:

  • Site Assessment for Badgers
  • Badger Sett Monitoring
  • Bait marking Surveys

Site Assessment for Badgers

A search for evidence of badger activity, such as setts, badger paths and latrines are within readily accessible areas at the site and publicly accessible areas within 30m of the boundary in line with standard guidance.

Badger Sett Monitoring

Remote trail cameras, sand and sticky markers are used to strategically determine the presence, or likely absence of badgers, sett type, activity levels and rough clan estimates.

Bait Marking Surveys

Food containing coloured plastic markers are distributed in suitable locations around setts, which are ingested by badger and deposited within latrines within their territory. Our surveyors are able to determine territorial boundaries of different badger clans depending on the colour markers present.

Badger Mitigation and Licensing

Crestwood has extensive experience in applying for badger development licences to lawfully allow:

  • Works in close proximity to setts;
  • Exclusion of badgers from setts;
  • Temporary and permanent closure of setts; and
  • Destruction of setts.


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