Geo-Environmental Services

Crestwood Environmental provides a wide range of geo-environmental services to the property industry, including desk-based studies and detailed site investigations.

Our reports are designed to be read by a wide audience, clearly communicating the conclusions to our clients, including a detailed summary of potential risks and liabilities. We work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that the needs of other stakeholders are met throughout the process.

Services include:

» Phase 1 Desk Study
» Phase 2 Contaminated Land Investigation
» Qualified Person Support (CL:AIRE)
» Site Condition Reports
» Controlled Water Risk Assessment
» Construction Quality assurance (CQA)
» Borehole logging
» Ground Gas Risk Assessment
» Environmental Due Diligence
» Landfill Reporting
» Landfill Monitoring
» Environmental Permitting
» Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
» Soakaway Infiltration Testing
» Soil sampling, surveys and analysis


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