Hazel Dormouse Survey

Our experienced and licensed ecologists undertake habitat suitability assessments and presence / likely absence surveys for hazel dormice, amongst other protected species.

a) Habitat Suitability Assessment; and

b) Presence / Likely Absence Surveys.

a) Habitat Suitability Assessment

A visual assessment to determine the level of habitat suitability and connectivity.

b) Presence / Likely Absence Surveys

The installation of nest tubes within suitable dormouse habitat to determine presence / likely absence. Nest tubes are checked for signs of dormouse activity monthly between April and November (as required).

Searches for hazelnuts opened by dormice are also undertaken during autumn / winter.

Mitigation and Licensing

Crestwood has experience in European Protected Species (EPS) licence applications, mitigation designs, method statements and implementation of habitat creation and enhancement for dormouse.


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