Augmented Reality

The Company has been working closely with the University of Wolverhampton to develop an Augmented Reality application to help non-specialists visualise, development proposals, environmental data or information in an interactive graphical way.

The application (app) utilises technology in tablets (GPS, cameras, gyroscopes etc.) to accurately overlay data in a 3D form onto a live camera view, in real-time. This can bring 2D plans to life by ‘attaching’ a virtual 3D model to the plan, allowing it to be explored using the tablet’s camera and screen.

Even more impressively, the technology can be used to visualise proposed developments, environmental data, hidden heritage features, services etc. ‘in the field’ in their designed locations. This can be used to appraise design options, ‘walk through a development’ on site, understand exactly where constraints are ‘on the ground’ (e.g. underground pipe work, badger setts). It can also be used to understand the visual effects of a proposed development (e.g. a new wind turbine), in the field at a given location.

Additionally, the app can also be used as an interpretative tool for bringing static display boards to life (e.g. turning memorials or interpretation boards into interactive, animated, 3D displays). The applications are endless. Call Karl on 01902 229563 to chat through your ideas or email