Water and Wastewater

Crestwood Environmental provides a number of expert consultancy services for water aspects, including those relating to surface water and hydrology, hydrogeology and water use / re-use.

The Company employs professionals experienced in hydrogeology, water quality / chemistry, surface water management, flood risk, drainage scheme design, ecology, soils and heritage, to provide integrated multidisciplinary input into schemes.

The Company also uses its 3D design capabilities in association with it’s landscape and ecological expertise to design water features, bodies and courses using accurate real-world co- ordinates and levels to allow accurate calculations and construction to be undertaken.

Schemes include SuDS* / WSUD*, reedbed treatment design, water course diversions, wetland habitat design and surface water management plans.

Survey and Assessment:


  • Sustainable Drainage Schemes*
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design*
  • Rain garden design
  • Water course / diversion design
  • Water body design (e.g. habitats)
  • Reedbed treatment system design

Management Plans & Monitoring:

  • Surface water management plans
  • Diffuse pollution management plans
  • Aquatic habitat management plans
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Discharge point monitoring


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