Environmental Monitoring

Crestwood Environmental provides a range of environmental survey and monitoring services on sites and receptors where environmental or occupational effects may occur and be of importance.

Environmental surveys and monitoring may relate to pre-application baseline/background data for EIA or other assessments, monitoring of compliance with planning, Permit or statutory requirements, occupational health monitoring, nuisance or to gauge performance of implemented control measures or of ‘as built’ or operational parameters in relation to that consented or targeted.

Applicable sectors include construction, minerals and waste (including composting facilities) and commercial, manufacturing and industrial operations, in addition to all receptor types.

Crestwood Environmental can provide expert environmental monitoring, management and control mechanisms related to a range of environmental parameters. Our key services include:

Stack Monitoring

Crestwood Environmental commissions UKAS and MCERTS accredited stack monitoring to enable operators to monitor their emissions to atmosphere and to evaluate compliance with their air quality targets. We are also able to design and deliver customised testing and monitoring solutions for operators, whilst ensuring that client costs are kept to a practicable minimum.

Landfill Monitoring

Crestwood Environmental can offer complete bespoke landfill monitoring, from field sampling to laboratory analysis of groundwaterleachate (where appropriate), surface water and landfill gas. Our experienced consultants can implement effective monitoring schedules (including advice on borehole locations and design specifications) derived on a site-by-site basis, in accordance with the latest Environmental Regulations. We can review and interpret environmental monitoring data to provide concise monitoring reports, including data trends on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Aerial and water borne drone surveys for 3D surface and lake bathymetry and photographic recording also available.


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