Terrain Modelling Design and Analysis

Our design and analysis work utilises a combination of 2D/3D CAD, specialist terrain modelling software and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications to provide a variety of permutations of outputs and presentation styles to suit our clients’ needs.

We work closely with surveyors to ensure that accuracy and geo-referencing is measured carried through from the start of the project. This to ensures that services and tree locations etc. are adequately provided for in opportunities, and constraints plans, and designs, and for setting-out purposes.

Digital terrain modelling can be used to calculate water and cut-fill volumes, design landfill, mineral extraction and restoration landforms, produce isopachyte plans, slope and elevation analysis plans and predict settlement of landfills.

We can also produce visual analysis plans (Zones of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) and Zones of Visual Influence (ZVI)) for a variety of developments and interrogate this further to understand degrees of visibility and cumulative visibility (e.g. between wind farms).


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