Water ecology

Water Framework Directive (WFD) Assessment A survey of a river catchment or specific watercourse to collate and assess ecological data, such as aquatic invertebrate taxa, aquatic vegetative communities, water quality

Reptile Surveys

Crestwood are highly experienced in undertaking reptile surveys to determine the presence or likely absence of reptile species on site. Our surveys include; a) Reptile Habitat Suitability Assessment; b) Presence

Ecological Management Plans

Crestwood has the capabilities to combine a wealth of in-house landscape and ecology experience to design, produce and implement Ecological Management plans for any Site. These include detailed working prescriptions,

Invertebrate Surveys

Crestwood Environmental undertakes a range of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate surveys, mitigation and management strategies for both broad invertebrate assemblages and specific protected species. Surveys include: Invertebrate Scoping Surveys; General

Bat Surveys and Assessments

Crestwood has extensive experience in undertaking all aspects of bat surveys. All surveys are carried out by Class 1 and Class 2 Bat Licenced surveyors. Our bat surveys include: Preliminary

Great Crested Newt Surveys

Crestwood has experienced, licensed surveyors who are able to undertake comprehensive surveys and offer advice if your development is likely to impact upon great crested newt and their habitat. Our

Phase 2 (Detailed) Ecological Work

Our fully licenced staff are experienced in undertaking detailed further ecological surveys for a wide range of protected species and habitats. We endeavour to make the process as efficient as

Ecology Services

Crestwood offers ecology services . Crestwood employs a variety of experienced and licensed ecological consultants trained to provide a comprehensive ecological consultancy service, with experience in working on a wide

Preliminary Ecological Surveys

We work safely and efficiently with a cost-effective approach to provide the following preliminary ecological surveys. For more information about what these surveys include, or to obtain a no obligation