Process Efficiency Consultancy

Crestwood  works across multiple sectors to assist with client companies’ use and management of water and wastewater, and the related process and resource efficiency considerations.

Many industrial applications generate vast quantities of wastewater through operational processes and the Company can assist with meeting legal compliance and minimising costs via audit and rectification services.

The Company can also offer a wide range of chemical and biological analysis services to help optimise a variety of industrial processes (e.g. metal finishing) and organic wastewater processes (e.g. aerobic, anoxic or anaerobic treatment technologies). Crestwood can also assist with the design of complex treatment facilities.

Auditing and analysis

  • (Waste) water usage audits;
  • (Waste) water chemical analysis;
  • Wastewater re-use consultancy;
  • Treatment process evaluation;
  • Statutory compliance.

Metal finishing consultancy

  • Process improvement / rectification;
    • Oxidation, reduction and precipitation;
    • Raw material removal / re-use;
    • Various treatment systems.

Organic treatment consultancy

  • Leachate treatment / bioplant systems;
    • Design, analysis and optimisation;
  • Sludge biomass sampling and analysis;
  • Odour monitoring and control.