Equipment for sale

Crestwood Environmental is seeling the following pieces of used equipment.

For more information, please contact Kat Okon ( or Daniel Jones ( in Lab 204 (Crestwood Environmental Ltd) of the Science, Technology and Prototyping Centre at Wolverhampton Science Park, Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton, WV10 9RU.

Genlab prime oven

Genlab Prime oven
Genlab Prime oven

Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR

Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR

Ideal for a wide range of general-purpose applications including cell culture, bioproduction, blood separation and microbiology amongst others, the new Sorvall Legend XT research centrifuge series feature a convenient 3 litre capacity and are available in both ventilated and refrigerated units.

an exceptionally clear display panel and 99 pre-set programs as opposed to the 6 featured by the routine models, the research series of centrifuges are perfect for a busy research environment.

Other additional features developed to assist in a research environment include the facility for setting the time of the run from when the rotor reaches speed, the ability to monitor and control the sample temperature as opposed to the bowl temperature of the centrifuge, and a password protection option to prevent un-authorised interruptions to sample runs.

  • For high-performance applications with temperature-sensitive samples
  • CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Temperature Range: -10° to +40°C
  • Pre-Cooling Function with direct button
  • 4L × 29.3W × 14.2 in.H [35.4 in.H open] (67 × 74.5 × 36cm [90cm open])
  • Net weight: 255.7 lb. (116kg)
Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR
Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR
Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR

HERMLE-Z216M Microfuge



  • Maintenance-free induction drive
  • Microprocessor with LED display
  • Motor-driven lid lock
  • Active imbalance identification and cut off
  • Standstill cooling CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration (see rotor data below
  • Lowest sample temperature 4°C at 20,000 x g
  • Noise level < 60 dBA at 21,379 x g
  • Extremely compact with a space-saving footprint
  • Quick access to samples
  • Manufactured according to international safety regulations. i.e., IEC 61010
  • Includes 24-place rotor with sealable lid for 1.5/2.0 ml
Technical data Operating data
Max. speed 14,000 rpm Number of previous starts 39
Max. RCF 21, 631 x g Previous operating hours 984 hours
Max. volume 44 x 1.5/2.0 ml Software version 1.80
Speed range 200 – 15,000 rpm Converter software 0.10 usoft
Dimensions 28 cm (width) x 29 cm (height) x 39 cm (depth) Previous error messages None
Running time of the motor 14 hours

Price: £1,395 (inc. VAT)

AriaMx Real-time PCR System

AriaMx Real-time PCR System 


  • Usable with many fluorescence detection chemistries, including SYBR Green and EvaGreen dyes, and fluorogenic probe systems such as TaqMan
  • Combines a novel thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with LED excitation source, and comprehensive data analysis software
  • Ultrafast chemistry helps you to complete your study in a timely fashion
  • Proprietary rapid hot-start enzymes and fastest industry high-resolution melt reagents
  • Intuitive operation with a touch screen interface
  • Modular optics and open reagent platform for increased agility
  • Multiplex capability with six filters for five plexing and two to five channels
  • Validated for most applications and chemistries
  • Intuitive open-source software and robust data analysis with proprietary algorithms
  • Instrument validated on 100,000+ samples across 14 different assays

Technical Specifications:

ARIA Software – Standard with Instrument  Yes
Accuracy  ±0.2 °C
Controller Touchscreen  Yes
Data Acquisition Time  <3 sec
Detection Sources  8 filtered photodiodes
Dynamic Range  9
Excitation Source  8 dye specific LEDs per optical module
Max Optical Modules  6
Maximum Block Ramp Rate  6 °C/Sec
Number of Peltiers  6
Number of Wells  96
Number of wells for multiplexing  Up to 5 targets per well
Optical Cartridge Types  SYBR/FAM, ROX, HEX, CY5, CY3, ATTO425
PCR Uniformity  ±0.4 °C
Protocol Storage Count  5GB
Reaction Volume  10-30 µL
Remote Monitoring  Yes
Self-Installable Optical Cartridges  Yes
Software Included  Free software including LIMS connectivity feature 21 CFR part 11 enabled software
Thermal System Temperature Range  25.0-99.9 °C


Price: £6,560 (inc. VAT)

AriaMx Real-time PCR System