Community Projects and Training

We are happy to provide support, management and facilitation of a full range of community projects including walking tours, outreach projects on excavation sites, displays and power point presentations and

Heritage Research and Management

As an environmental consultancy we use our in-house expertise to balance the needs of the historic environment and natural environment. In addition we provide interpretation and education strategies as part

Archaeological Investigations

To manage field investigations cost-effectively we negotiate specific elements of the projects with local authorities, contractors and sub-contractors. This includes advising on appropriate alternative methods, budgets and timetabling of fieldwork

Historic Building Surveys

We provide recording and analysis of buildings, associated buried features and their settings. We work at all levels of detailed recording that are appropriate for projects. As part of this

Heritage Surveys

All surveys need to consider both the buried and built heritage of a site, irrespective of whether there is an obvious focus within a project. We commit to including this

Heritage Assessments and Consent Applications

Initial enquiries Planning policy recommends the identification of heritage issues before planning permission is granted. Assessments and initial investigations may be needed to fulfil such requirements. This may form part

Archaeology and Heritage

[vc_row el_class="nopad"][vc_column][vc_column_text]Consultancy Services Crestwood Environmental provides archaeology and heritage advice for a host of developments ranging from large scale (e.g. residential, minerals or infrastructure) to small scale (e.g. private householder projects)