Water vole environmental DNA analysis service

Crestwood Environmental are delighted to have developed a technique for the detection of water vole environmental DNA (eDNA), using an innovative method for quickly and accurately detecting their presence in aquatic habitats from analysis of a simple water sample.

The technique utilises a methodology based on the technique used for the well-established great crested newt eDNA analysis technique, adapted to account for the varied habitats used by water voles.  Used in combination with traditional survey methods or as a stand-alone survey technique, eDNA analysis provides accurate and reliable detected or not-detected results for water vole at a specific aquatic location.

The method has been developed and tested by Crestwood, the sole provider of this service.

Advantages of using eDNA analysis for water vole:

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the technique and its potential applications has been compiled and can be found here.

To discuss your requirements, get more information or to use our technique, please phone 01902 229 563 or email lab@crestwoodenvironmental.co.uk.