3D Visualisations

Visualisations can be useful to help communicate new information in a non-technical manner in a variety of ways (e.g. interactive CD/DVD, website, leaflets, posters, PowerPoint presentations).

Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs) produced can range from wirelines and outlines of developments to photorealistic impressions of developments accurately overlaid onto photos (photomontages) and can include structures, vegetation or landform changes. These accurate representations can be used to support landscape and visual impact assessments and withstand professional scrutiny and can be applied to a variety of developments including wind farms, planting, hard landscaping, quarries, landfills, buildings, masts etc.

Crestwood can produce wind farm visualisations in accordance with Landscape Institute, SNH and Highland Council specifications.

The Company can also produce animated ‘movies’ for use in public presentations, websites, interpretative material (e.g. CDs) etc.