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    Desktop Surveys

    A detailed search from a wide range of resources including web based and local biological records centres to collate a comprehensive set of baseline data within a defined distance from a Site. This includes local and statutory wildlife sites, protected species records, tree preservation orders, any waterbodies within 500 metres and geological records.

    Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

    Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys are the industry standard in baseline survey and mapping of habitats (using standard Phase 1 Habitat mapping codes), landscape features and their suitability for protected species. We provide a full species list along with detailed target notes for specific ecological features. All surveys are translated into detailed high-quality plans by our in-house GIS team allowing for further analysis if required. Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys form the basis of all further assessments.

    Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)

    Preliminary Ecological Appraisals are often used in the early stages of planning and design for a project, consisting of ecological assessment following an Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey. Impacts and effects of a proposed development are set out within a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal Report (PEAR).

    Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) Assessment

    Often undertaken as part of the Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey, a visual assessment of ponds at and within 500m of a site to determine the likely presence of Great Crested Newt, using industry standard guidelines for HSI. This is often a standard requirement of planning.

    Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment (PRA)

    Often undertaken as part of the Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey, an external / internal visual assessment of buildings and / or trees at a site. Structures are inspected from ground level recording any evidence of bat roosts, droppings, staining, scratch marks and feeding remains etc.

    A Preliminary Roost Assessment (‘PRA’) for bats should always be carried out before any development works commence on buildings, structures or trees to identify any actual or potential sites for bat roosts in order to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

    Site Assessment for Badgers

    Often undertaken as part of the Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey, a search for evidence of badger activity, such as setts, badger paths, latrines etc. within readily accessible areas at the Site and publicly accessible areas within 30m of the boundary in line with standard guidance.

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    Receive a no obligation quote

    Looking for a Preliminary Ecological Survey? Contact us today and request your no obligation quote.

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