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Statutory authorities have a duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to investigate cases where odour is causing a statutory nuisance. Crestwood Environmental is a market leader in Odour control and mitigation, providing services relating to;   

Nasal Ranger

The Nasal Ranger® is a portable, innovative odour measuring device (Olfactometer) that allows users to quantify odour concentration in terms of ‘Dilution-to-Threshold’ (D/T) ratio. Now, facility operators, regulators and local residents can conduct odour monitoring and documentation in the field. The Nasal Ranger® goes beyond traditional estimation methods, easily measuring odour strength at specific locations surrounding / within a facility. With the Nasal Ranger® you can:   


Crestwood Environmental has written a range of articles for Odour Publications. Take a look at some of the latest ones here:

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