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Numerical Landfill Site Restoration
3D Landform Design  Landscape Management plans
2D / 3D CAD Landscape mitigation design
3D Terrain Modelling / Analysis Landscape Planning
A Landscape survey
Accident Managament Plans Landscaping detailing and specification
Agricultural aftercare plans Leachate
Anaerobic digestion Light levels
Arboricultural impact assessment Light spillage
Arboricultural method statements LVIAs (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments) 
Archaeology M
Augmented reality  Masterplanning
B Measures of mitigation
Badger Micro-organisms on surfaces
BAT Assessments  Mineral and waste site restoration
Bats (Habitat and activity surveys etc.) Mineral Safeguarding
Birds N
Boundary Bioaerosol monitoring  NVC (National Vegetation Classification) Surveys
Buildings O
C Odour Assessment
Carbon Monoxide Odour Modelling (ADMS5)
Contaminated Land  Open Air Window Composting 
COTC Assessment  Opportunity / Constraints Plans
CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) P
Cultural Heritage Perimeter Safety Checks
Cut-fill calculations Permit Exemptions
  Personnel bioaerosol monitoring
D Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
Desktop surveys Phase 2 (Detailed) Ecological Work
Diesel Particulate Matter Photomontages
Discharge consents  Planning Conditions
Drainage Design Planning Permission
Dust Assessments  Planning process
Dust Monitoring and Management Plans Planting plans
E Pond surveys
EcIA (Ecological Impact Assessment) Preliminary Ecological Surveys
Ecological Clerk of Works Presentation Graphics
Environmental DNA (eDNA) PSYM (Predictive System for Multimetrics) 
Environmental Due Diligence Q
Environmental Law Quarries
Environmental Management Systems  R
Environmental Monitoring plans Reed bed treatment systems 
Environmental Permitting Regulatory Compliance
Environmental Setting and Installation Designs (ESIDs) Reptiles
Excavation River Corridor habitat survey
Exhibition Graphics ROMPs (Reviews of Old Mineral Permissions)
Expert Witness S
F Settlement calculations
Feasibility studies Site Working Plans
Flicker Assessment Soil Handling & Management Plans
Flood risk assessments Stack Monitoring 
G SuDS and WSuD
Geo-environmental and geotechnical assessments Surface Water Management
GIS  Surface water audits
Glint/Glare Assessment Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Great Crested Newts (HSI . Survey, licences etc.)


Great Crested Newt eDNA

Green Belt Assessment TEEP Assessment 
Green Roofs Training and CPD
Grounds maintenance plans Tree protection plans
Groundwater Tree Surveys (BS 5837)
Habitat Management Schemes Verified Photomontages
Hard Detailing Plans Visibility mapping
Hedgerow Surveys Visualisations
Heritage Volume Calculations
Historic buildings W
Hydrogeology Waste Composition Analysis 
I Waste Management 

Water Vole eDNA

Impact on neighbours Water Quality
Invasive Alien Species Woodland Management Plans
Invertebrates (Aq. and terr) Workspace Exposure levels 
Landfill and Quarry Design Zones of Theoretical Visibility
Landfill Environmental Monitoring  ZTV / ZVI analyses
Landfill gas  
Landfill reporting