Historic Building Surveys

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We provide recording and analysis of buildings, associated buried features and their settings. We work at all levels of detailed recording that are appropriate for projects.

As part of this service we include:

We can assist at the inception stage of a project, Environmental Impact for example, through to fulfilling planning permission or legal requirements.

Ecological considerations may need to be integrated with solutions for issues such as bats and landscaping impacts etc. Our landscape design services, particularly the modelling of various options, will minimise the need for and the costs associated with re-designing plans.

Historic Building Surveys Additional in-house expertise that will be consulted for a holistic and cost-effective approach
3D reconstruction of historic features. 3D Visualisation
Visual Impact Analysis for buildings and their settings. In-house landscape architects experienced in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments
Urban Characterisation. In-house landscape architects experienced in Landscape and Townscape Character Assessment

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