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Crestwood Environmental can cover all aspects of air quality from pre-planning, detailed design to post-planning and integrate these with other considerations such as environmental permitting and interdisciplinary assessment

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    Personnel Dust Monitoring

    As part of personnel and static dust monitoring, CEL provides accurate measurement of inhalable and respirable dust. Exposures are compared to the relevant workplace exposure limits (WELs) detailed in EH40/latest update (Workplace Exposure Limits). The sampling methodology and laboratory analysis are undertaken in accordance with the HSE publication MDHS 14/4 (Health and Safety Executive, 2014) using IOM samplers.

    This is an important tool to assess work exposure to dust and is critical with the changing HSE regulations regarding acceptable levels of dust exposure.

    Disamenity Dust Monitoring

    Many planning statements and environmental permit applications require dust emission monitoring and assessments to indicate the impact a development, quarry or waste recycling and processing activity may have on local sensitive receptors. The potential for disamenity dust emissions is assessed and considered for three separate effects; annoyance to dust soiling, harm to ecological receptors and the risk to health effects due to a significant increase exposure to particulate matter.

    The monitoring and assessment we carry out is in accordance with the guidance provided on the indicative criteria for requiring a detailed air quality assessment in the Land-Use Planning & Development Control: Planning for Air Quality (IAQM, 2015).

    Disamenity dust is assessed in terms of potential sources of dust, the location and sensitivity of receptors and the pathway effectiveness.

    Environmental Dust Monitoring

    We provide Environmental Dust Monitoring and Dust Assessments as required for planning, environmental permitting and reporting for a range of sites including construction, waste recycling/processing, the chemical industry and quarries. Monitoring and assessments focus on dust and particulate matter arising from traffic emissions and emissions deriving from processing, treatment, stacks, flues and exhausts.

    All work conducted is in accordance with relevant guidance provided by the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and in line with National Air Quality Objectives (AQS). We provide all practicable steps to minimise emissions, should they be required, in the form of recommended mitigation measures.

    Dust Analysis

    Gravimetric dust analysis

    Directional Dust Monitoring

    Directional Dust Survey & Analysis

    Dust Management Plans

    We can formulate a Dust Management Plan to your requirements

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    About Us

    Crestwood Environmental Ltd. has been providing environmental consultancy expertise for over 25 years. Based on its original environmental and civil engineering knowledge applied to the minerals and waste sectors, the Company has steadily evolved into the wide-reaching multi-sector environmental consultancy business it is today.

    We aim to work as an integral part of your team, providing friendly, proactive and practical interdisciplinary expertise to help you reach your development and operational goals, using audited safe working methods, and via ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems.


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