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Crestwood Environmental provides full bioaerosol personnel and boundary monitoring services using approved industry best practise guidelines and method statements. Following laboratory analysis, our in-house GIS team produce high quality reports and plans appropriate to our client’s needs.


Our Boundary surveys provide analysis to determine localised effects on air quality from on-site operations. Our experienced staff will collect air samples from agreed locations upwind and downwind of a site and take the samples back to our in-house laboratory services team for analysis.


Crestwood Environmental Ltd offers a monitoring service which measures individual workers exposure to bioaerosols when working on composting or organic waste treatment sites. Monitoring is undertaken using a personal microbiological pollutants rotating cup sampler which measures individual worker exposure to bacteria, fungus and moulds. It operates in every position and is unaffected by movement. Samples are then analysed in our laboratory, with results used to produce a concise report.


Take a look at some of our latest publications within the bioaerosols sector:

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