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Crestwood Environmental provides a full range of bioaerosol monitoring and risk assessment services. Perfect for waste management facility operators.

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    Boundary Bioaerosol Monitoring

    Typically, Regulatory Authorities such as the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales require sites with Environmental Permits that authorise the receipt and treatment of organic wastes within 250 metres of a sensitive receptor (e.g. housing or other businesses) to carry out boundary bioaerosol monitoring.

    The monitoring is conducted in line with these guidelines Crestwood Environmental follows Technical Guidance Note (Monitoring); M9: Environmental monitoring of bioaerosols at regulated facilities (Environment Agency, Version 2, July 2018) or Standardised protocol for monitoring of bioaerosols at open compost facilities (AFOR, 2009). Bioaerosols are measured employing the filtration method uses an Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) sampling head.

    Personnel Bioaerosol Monitoring

    This enables operators to determine the levels of exposure and risk to their employees and sub-contractors to potentially harmful bacteria and fungi arising from the handling and treatment of organic wastes and materials. Personnel monitoring also helps operators to make informed decisions on PPE requirements for their staff and site visitors.

    Bioaerosol Laboratory Analysis Services

    Samples are sent to our in-house laboratory for prompt analysis. All laboratory procedures, media preparation and sterilisation are carried out in accordance with EN ISO 72181. In the laboratory, quantitative determination of the concentrations of microorganisms is performed by counting visually recognisable colonies following cultivation. The concentration of culturable microorganisms are calculated and reported as colony forming units per cubic metre of air (CFU/m3).

    Micro-organisms Exposure Monitoring

    Bioaerosol sample analysis:
    - Total Mesophilic bacteria
    - Gram negative bacteria
    - Aspergillus fumigatus

    Ambient Air Monitoring

    Crestwood Environmental also provides bioaerosol analysis for a wide variety of sites where potential bioaerosol emission might occur.

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