We provide pre-application advice to identify tree constraints and the development potential of sites.  With our team of landscape architects and ecologists we can cover all tree related issues on development sites that may include consultation with the Local Planning Authority if required.  We understand that our clients need clear advice at an early stage, with solutions that are both achievable and cost effective.

Our key services include:

BS5837 Tree Survey

Required when applying for planning permission on projects with trees in close proximity. The survey categorises trees based on their potential life expectancy and condition. The survey will include: 

Tree Condition Surveys

Evaluates the condition of the trees, identifying current health and any evidence of decay or disease. The following is included in a tree condition survey:

The tree condition survey will also make up part of a Mortgage or Insurance Tree Survey Report in addition to a Subsidence Risk Evaluation Assessment. This will include an assessment of: 


Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Search 

TPOs are put in place to prevent deliberate damage and destruction 

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